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Tracking the spread of COVID-19 is an ongoing challenge. Our objective is to achieve early detection of potential outbreaks of COVID-19 to be more effective in our fight against this virus. COVID Control allows direct monitoring of the overall population health, enabling faster responses.


In those with COVID-19 symptoms, by far the most common primary symptom is fever. By submitting your daily body temperature and other symptoms you can help us monitor the risk of COVID-19 in your region. You may participate in the COVID Control Study, even if you do not have any symptoms nor a thermometer.

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We use advanced spatial science analytics and machine learning to identify abnormal increases in community-wide body temperature and predict the risk of emerging COVID-19 hotspots. Data will be aggregated and predictions will be made across regions, so your individual-level data will never be shared

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COVID Control - A Johns Hopkins University Study has been developed by an interdisciplinary team of expert researchers from the Whiting School of Engineering, the Bloomberg School of Public Health and the School of Medicine at Johns Hopkins University